Fender Strat Plus Bi-flex Truss Rod Fix and Pick-up Swap.

Wrapping up this project with a fresh set of strings and an action and intonation adjustment as needed. Here’s a few more picks of some additional repairs I’ll be working on as well as some of the unique features of the Strat Plus.

The headstock.
Strat Plus headstock.

The Back of the Guitar. This unique finish was hand applied at an early stage in the finishing process with someone by-hand making the fanned pattern with a brush.
Strat Plus headstock.

The Sperzal brand locking tuners. Later models had Fender branded Schaller locking tuners stock.
Sperzal Locking tuners.

The Deluxe two point floating tremolo. This one had some damage, and has had one side milled a bit.
Deluxe floating bridge.

A deep chip just behind the forearm area. This will take some paint build up to repair judging by the thickness of the urethane finish.
Chip on the body.

The neck plate. Note the hole for the neck angle adjustment screw set into the body underneath. The adjustment is made with a screwdriver to the small threaded insert that butts up against a metal plate on the underside of the neck heal to make quick neck angle adjustments possible simply by slacking the strings and loosening the four neck screws.
Chip on the body.

Another stock feature of this model is the factory installed Hip-Shot brand Trem-Setter (not shown), a spring and nylon washer adjustable device which helps to keep the tremolo block centered on a “zero point” to maintain tuning after tremolo use.

The separate spring claws can be seen here. The Hip-Shot unit goes between them preventing the use of more than two regular tremolo springs, but otherwise working well in conjunction with the roller nut and locking tuners to hold tuning,.
Temolo cavity.

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