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TASCAM TC-S1 Solar Tuner Quick Review


Here’s a YouTube video review, TASCAM TC-S1 Solar Tuner. A great, lightweight yet sturdy, and compact tuner that charges an internal battery by solar power. Small enough to fit anywhere. Features 4 tuning modes: Animated Strobe, Meter, Needle, and a Fine Tuning mode as well as calibration from A437-A445. A fast internal processor coupled with a responsive onboard mic or 1/4″ phono jack for input. A mini USB connection for charging and an included silicone sleeve for protection.

Check out the video for operating instructions and a demo if the features.

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iTunes Playlists, Export and Import.

Watch the video, it’s easy!

ModGuitar iTunes Playlist Import & Export How to Article

Share your playlists or save them. It’s easy to do, and fun to share with friends and family. *note the playlists do not copy music, they are just a text file that describes what songs are in your playlist.

Please note: or are not sponsored by or affiliated with Apple, Inc. in any way. This video is just for informational purposes.

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Zoom H4n Portable Digital Recorder

The Zoom H4n represents the next generation of portable digital recorders. 96khz/24bit recording in the palm of your hand, with available multi-channel and multi-track recording capabilities. Guitar players will enjoy the host of instrument friendly features including a metronome, tuner, and effects with programmable presets.

Zoom H4n Main Features at a glance

  • USB file transfer.
  • Built in stereo microphones.
  • Guitar/Bass friendly with FX, tuner, and metronome.
  • MP3 Recording.
  • 4 track, stereo, and 4 channel recording.
  • 24bit/96khz .wav recording.

Zoom H4n Unboxing

The Unboxing

The H4n comes with a plastic case, Ac adapter, USB cable, Mic Stand Adapter, 1 GB Sd memory card. Manual and foam windscreen. Also with the H4n is the recording application Cubase LE 4 bundled on disc to get you started recording and editing.

The ZOOM H4n Package Bundle

The first thing you will notice holding the H4n in hand is that it is feels sturdily built though slightly top heavy. The display is large and easily read with a orange back light and various red LEDs to indicate input, mic, track and recording functions.

The H4n has some heft to it, primarily due to the mic housing which is metal. The buttons have a tactile feel to them. The job dial/button is operated by rotating and pressing to select menu options. The power switch is slid down to initiate the boot-up and shut down. Sliding the power button up put the device in locked mode – great for preventing accidental recordings or setting changes. The rest of the buttons work as indicated. You can download the manual form the manufacturer to see all the functions.

Zoom H4n Mic Clip Adapter

The Mic Clip Adapter has a metal thread that fits the tripod mounting screw slot on the back of the unit. When screwed in it feels a little flimsy, extra care should be taken not to bump the adapter when in use as it would be very easy to crack the plastic H4n case. Also be sure not to try and use the Mic Stand adapter with the thinner pencil mic style mic stand clips – use only the larger Sure style mic clips. The smaller mic holders can let the stand adapter pop-out abruptly, potentially damaging the H4n if it should take a spill. This becomes and even greater concern if you attach external mics, headphones, and the power adapter to the unit while on a mic stand.

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