TASCAM 2X2 USB Audio Interface.


TASCAM TC-1S SOLAR TUNER, Rechargeable tuner for the Green Minded Musician.




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ModGuitar.com Ultimate Guitar Set-up Guide

ModGuitar.com Ultimate Guitar Set-Up Guide

Learn how to set-up your guitar from start to finish beginning with: Adjusting The String Height. Followed by: Adjusting The Truss Rod. Then Finishing up with: Setting The Intonation.

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ModGuitar.com Locking Tremolo Set-Up Guide

ModGuitar.com Locking Tremolo Set-Up Guide

Follow along with this guide to learn how to string-up, set-up, and keep your locking tremolo playing the best that it can.

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Sound Percussion Double Bass Drum Pedal Set-Up and Review with playing examples.

Locking Tuner Upgrades: Pros & Cons

Locking tuners reduce the slack at the peg head end of the guitar string while clamping the string to the tuning post, thus working to stabilize the guitar’s tuning. But are locking tuner upgrades always the best option?

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Tune up quick with our Tuning Videos.

What could be simpler? Tune up with your phone, laptop, desktop, or tablet computer, anywhere, anytime. High Definition let’s you view this play along tuner from across the room. Add it to your favorites & Playlists on YouTube.

More tuning videos here: Guitar, Bass, and Mandolin.

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