Logic Pro X and Reason – How to Rewire

Logic Pro x, a 64 bit app requiring OSX 10.8.4 introduces new routing options for rewire apps. Reason 6.0 is required for 64bit computability. 1. Launch Logic Pro X. 2. Launch Reason 2a. Reason should launch into 64 bit (rewire 1.8.1) mode – as indicated in the master routing section. *graphic* 3. Set-up your Reason […]

Tuning The Guitar

Explore the tuning methods shown in this tutorial, and decide which method works best for you. This tutorial covers the basics of tuning by fretted notes, using an electronic tuner, and using natural harmonics.

Beginning Guitar Lesson. Fretting Notes

Ready to begin learning to play the guitar? This is the Beginning Guitar Lesson 01. We’ll be starting with the very basics. First, you’ll need a few things to get started… Come on in and let’s begin learning