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Disco wasn’t so bad

Everybody’s down on Disco, but aside from the fashion the music was smooth and easy to relax to. As a kid I liked Fly Robin Fly on the radio, and KK & The Sunshine Band. The musicians took a back seat though only to reclaim the line light with Punk and Glam rock just around the corner. It’s no mystery clean slinky strat tones worked for the nearly orchestral arrangements of disco’s peak. Also to be answered by in your face guitar and bass distortion. And then a reintroduction of synth tones with new wave, and back to American pop, until the 90’s when it went over to England again for a bit. All along from jazz to bebop to funk to pop and back again via rap and hip hop intersecting, inspiring weaving it all together to get here to the present, now its all pop again. Then onto the Disco.

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