Projects & Tutorials

EBO Bass To Guitar Conversion

Follow along as we convert a beat up non-collectable Gibson EBO bass from the late ’70s and convert it to a SG guitar. It was a big project that went really well as the clips and photos show.

Midi Guitar Custom Build

We wanted to get the best of both worlds Midi and Regular electric – only a custom build would do. Follow along as we pick the parts, build the body and trick out a custom midi guitar.

Next Project: Mary Kay Strat® Clone. Watch as we build a hard-tail strat with modern parts while retaining a vintage look.


Quick Nut Fix Buzzing or pinging nut problems fixed in just a few steps in this step-by-step tutorial.

Tuning The Guitar This walk-through tutorial shows you how to tune your guitar or bass and cover different tuning methods.

String Winding: Tension Counts Learn the right way to install and wind a fresh set of strings. Get the best tuning stability using a few simple steps.

Floyd Rose® Style Locking Tremolo Set-Up Locking trems offer tuning stability and dive bomb ability, but take a little extra work to set-up for best performance. This guide explains the technique in detail.

The Ultimate Guitar Set-Up Guide Here it is, the definitive guide to guitar set-up on the web. We show you how to set-up a Strat® or Les Paul® style guitar. Basic concepts explained, with detailed instructions for adjusting the action, intonation, and truss rod.

See the Mods section for more specific pick-up and electronics modifications