Epiphone Elitist Les Paul Standard Plain Top

With modding the name of the game around here, you’d think that we would have torn this one apart long ago. Visions of keystone tuners and aluminum tailpieces beckon us to the work bench. But after some experimentation on another Elitist the conclusion is that these guitars are great ready to go rockers stock with minimal mods or other refinements. Which only goes to prove that sometimes they get it right at the factory. It’s pretty rare to find a import so well spec’d out from the factory.

I could swap pick-ups for more wiring options and a different sound. Or re-wire with differnt pots and caps for a differnt tones. With an Elitist you might not feel the need. I added strap-lock buttons for pretection and did a quick fret dress to correct uneven response playing high notes. I also reshaped the nut, rounding the edges and cutting the slots just a hair lower for optimal playability.

After years of playing I can honestly say that I’m perfectly content with this guitar the way it is. I haven’t even changed the strings in almost a year. Unheard of! It’s like it has that elusive ‘Mojo’. It’s our go to Les Paul in the studio delivering consistant classic rock tones.

There’s a certain sweet spot that a good Les Paul can hit, a smooth rhythm tone that holds it’s own under distortion, a biting, but thick, lead tone, and middle tones with both pick-ups going that has an elusive open sound. I’ve been told that the tone of the stock pick-ips is similar to the 499 humbucker set Gibson outfits many of it’s guitars with, stock. The sound is also reminiscent of Seymour Duncan 59s to my ears. Each individual guitar will have it’s own sound. I lucked out with this one and got one that has “THAT” Les Paul tone.

Listen to this comparison between two Elitist Les Paul® with the same pick-ups (coming soon). The same, but different. Hard to put a finger on the reasons for the slight tonal variations in two almost identical guitars other than a slight weight difference. Yes Virginia, the wood matters. This is why it’s a good idea to really try out a lot of guitars when you are able to note the sublte differences in nearly identicle intruments. However, when buying online, or used you can still bet that An Elitist has quality tones woods.

Check out the Youtube video jam & slide show of this Guitar plugged directly into a Traynor 50 watt Blue for a sample of vintage style Les Paul tone.

Elitist LP Standard Review Continued…>

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