Trying out SoundCloud!, an interesting social – audio sharing site. You can update your music or other audio files, and then other users can tag sections or link to your stuff and you to theirs. Think Flicker for audio. Sign-up is free with a limited amount of storage space for you own music or audio recordings.

This World We Have Found by RomeoMonkey

Jamming on Apple’s Garageband App for iPad

Apple GarageBand Virtual Guitar

Take a few minutes to check out the virtual guitar instrument in Garageband on the iPad. Lots of fun with real guitar-style bending and playing techniques. It’s like GuitarHero on steroids! The recording and editing functions are worthy of having fun and sketching out ideas on the road or on the couch. If you ever wanted a guitar set-up perfectly for tapping ala Eddie VanHalen – this app is for you!

Watch GarageBand’s Virtual Guitar in action here.


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Review Jams on YouTube

Youtube Review Jam are a great way to see and hear some of the gear we review.

We start with a guitar that’s well set-up. The intonation has been set, the strings are fresh – then we feed the guitar signal into our trusty Traynor YCV50 Watt Custom Blue amp – retrofitted with KT77 tubes from Eurotubes. From the amp we send a direct signal to our recording set-up, a Pro Tools Rack System to record the pre amp signal.

After we jam for a bit we then send the signal back to the amp and record the signal with a Shure SM57 in the front of the amp and a high quality condenser facing the rear of the amp. The back channel mic’s signal is inverted in the software so that what you hear is pure amp tone just as it was played and recorded.

We do some minor editing to take out the really bad ‘flubs’ then mix down the signal with minimal FX for the videos. We then add our photos of the actual instrument reviewed, shot on location under color correct lighting then edited into a slide show presentation.

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