Basic Tool Kit

Every mod, repair, set-up, or build project begins with the use of tools. Some specialized some common. Here we run down the basic Luthier’s tool chest as well as additional tools required to do mods, set-ups, wiring, building and making guitars. Doing your own set-ups and seasonal adjustments requires a basic set of tools.

Changing Strings: String Winding/String Snapping

String winding is the kind of thing that, done right, can have a real impact on how your guitar plays, and more importantly – stays in tune.
Follow along and learn how to change your strings, wind them on the posts and then snap them to remove slack for the best tuning stability and long string life.

Tuning The Guitar

Explore the tuning methods shown in this tutorial, and decide which method works best for you. This tutorial covers the basics of tuning by fretted notes, using an electronic tuner, and using natural harmonics.

Quick Nut Fix

If you’ve ever worked on your nut, you know how easy it is to go a little too far in the search of comfortable low action ending up with some string buzz. The nut can waer down in time, or you may notice a pinging sound when tuning up or playing. Fortunately, there is a quick fix that can get your guitar up and running again in just a few hours

Gibson 'EBO' Bass To 'SG' Guitar Conversion

Hidden away in the workshop we found a semi-vintage Gibson EBO bass. The headstock couldn’t seem to keep from snapping off. It had been repaired a few times already and was missing some parts and crucial components like the pick-up. It also just happened to not play or sound very good. Vintage SGs fetch high prices, and this SG body was still intact…so The SG BASS-GUITAR MOD is born.

Beginning Guitar Lesson. Fretting Notes

Ready to begin learning to play the guitar? This is the Beginning Guitar Lesson 01. We’ll be starting with the very basics. First, you’ll need a few things to get started… Come on in and let’s begin learning

Kramer Focus 1000 Review

The Kramer Focus 1000s are great used guitars. Solid hardware and specs and a great way to add a vintage guitar to the collection that you can enjoy playing all the time.